Anrich3D is a startup made to commercialize food 3D printing for personalized nutrition. 

The name Anrich3D comes from enriched, as we want to enrich lives through 3D printed personalized nutrition!

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Introduction to Food 3D Printing with Anrich3D

Witness Multi-Material Food 3D Printing...

How it works

Food is made into a paste and extruded through an extruder (thick syringe). Multiple extruders working together can allow for multi-material printing. Thus, each ingredient can be dispensed in the precise amount according to the individual’s nutritional, aesthetic palatability requirement.

Several food 3D printers working together, produce personalized meals in a centralized, streamlined and automated manufacturing facility. This produces individual-level personalization at scale, so it is available and affordable for all.



There are several apps and services out there to give you personalized nutrition ADVICE. This includes dieticians, medical recommendations and nutritional requirement recommendations generated by DNA analyses and gut microbiome evaluations.


However, there is no service out there that can convert this individually personalized advice into actual meals. Meals, designed for you and those that change composition from one week to the next based on your progress and feedback. Meals that can be in any shape based on your aesthetic preferences and your emphasis on convenience.

You have to find the right ingredients and prepare them the right way. This requires a lot of will power and may include a lot of human error.

With the rise of obesity everywhere in the world especially among kids, we need a better solution.



3D printed meals produced at scale! Individual-level personalization, at mass production prices! With a streamlined Smart Food Manufacturing system, data regarding nutritional requirements can be taken from the users through an app/website and converted into ingredient requirements and shape preferences. Each uniquely "computed" meal is sent to a 3D printer to "execute".

The data can include everything from medical records, to DNA analyses to eating and sleep patterns to exercise and stress levels and so on. The more comprehensive the data, the more optimized the meal.

This allows you to receive a mathematically inarguable meal. Not just practically, but theoretically the best meal you could be having hands down. No need for you to find the right ingredients, measure them and prepare them a certain way. Automation to the rescue!

If this excites you and you would like a 3D printed meal, please get involved!


This project is in the early stages of development. We should be ready for our first taste tests and clinical trials by early to mid-2021.

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