August 2021 Prints

These are the prints made in the month of August 2021. A variety of new shapes have been tried to emulate various kinds of meals, snacks, and complex shapes (Like the Human Brain!)
The food pastes used are as follows
White: Cashew Based Vegan Cheese provided by 4My (
Orangish red: 4my vegan cheese with tomato concentrate
Green: Spinach
Purple: Purple Sweet Potato
Pale Yellow: Mashed potato

May 2021 Prints

These are the prints made by the end of May 2021 starting from the Channel 8 press event in April 2021. These prints are made with 2 new batches of food pastes: 

Batch 1: Used for Channel 8 and most of the demos
Green: Spinach with rosemary flavor
White meat color: Chicken Curry

Dough with sugar

Dough without sugar (slightly yellowish)

Batch 2:

Green: Spinach with potato

Red: beetroot with potato

First Prints with Anrich3D Version 1 Printer

This is the first batch of prints made by the Version 1 printer made by Anrich3D on 19th April 2021. 
Version 1 is the first Anrich3D printer capable of multi-material printing with the same extruder motor on a large print bed.

This video demonstrates printing of the heart shape like the Anrich3D logo with 3 ingredients. We use cookie dough as the covering and makes pockets inside which are filled with 2 different materials. 
Green: Spinach 
Red: Sweet potato with food coloring

Check out the youtube video and other pics. 

Prints for Press Event - February 2021

These prints are made for the Media Corp, Red Dot, Channel News Asia press event held at NTU. The event was telecast on Channel 5 on 19th March 2021 and on Channel News Asia (CNA) on 21st March 2021.

The shapes chosen were, Anrich3D Logo, Red Dot Logo. 

Purple Sweet Potato Prints                                               Spinach Prints                                                                  Beetroot Prints

Holiday Season Prints - December 2020

These prints are made in the holiday spirit to bring Santa to life on Christmas day and have him as a snack! Other than the face and hat of Santa, there was further personalization as bigger and more complex logos and names were attempted. 

One of the shapes is NUTRILICIOUS spelled out.

Even more complex was is the Allspice ( logo with its unique font. All the letters produced so far have been custom made to have constant width for easier printability. This print with a different font was another breakthrough in capabilities.

Further, for early customers in FnB industry, we printed a customized heart shape with the names of a couple on it. Ania ( will be preparing some vegan pastes for us to try out soon. 

The food pastes used were:       Purple Sweet Potato: Purple        Carrot and Potato: Orange  

Check out the videos of all these prints in the youtube playlist:

Personalized Healthy Prints (Nutrilicious) - November 2020

These are prints of more personalized shapes made using cookie dough recipes given by Nutrilicious (

The shapes printed had personalization effects like AA initials on the Christmas stockings, letter R on the star shape and even the company name ANRICH3D spelled out in full!

This was to demonstrate the personalization capabilities of the printer.

The food pastes used were:     Spinach Based Cookie Dough: green        Sweet Potato Based Cookie Dough: yellow  

Check out the videos of all these prints in the youtube playlist: