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Tailor Your Nutrition!

Personalize the ingredients and thus nutrients in every meal based on your health parameters: height, weight, age, ethnicity and your health goal and even your DNA, medical results and your gut microbiome! 

Themed Events 

Want a theme specific party or event? Get all the food custom made in the shapes of your choice! Customize for individual attendees!

Want To Eat Healthier?

Trying to transition to a new, healthier diet? We design a 3D printed meal plan for you to help you acquire the taste of the new diet over time. The plan adapts to your pace of progress!
This is our dietary training program for those want to make a real transition to eating healthier.


Market with us! If you have a food-based business and want to have a big launch with exotic shapes, we can get your message across! Alternative sources of food like vegan alternatives to meat can be printed if they can be made into a paste.

Kids and Nutrition

Want your kids to eat healthy, learn about nutrition and enjoy the process? We aspire to create a gamified experience for kids with 3D printed foods to learn about various food ingredients and nutrients. In the process, they may acquire the taste of healthier foods at the same time!

This is our hands-on Nutritional Educational program for schools to employ passively. The best learning happens when you don't even know it's a lesson!

Sports Nutrition

Having trouble keeping track of every single calorie you take while going through an intensive training program? With multi-material food 3D printing, we can control the amount of every ingredient making mathematically optimized meals for the nutritional requirements of every individual. 

Use our food 3D printers in your training center for when athletes, actors and models need intensive training on a tight schedule!

Preventive Healthcare

Personalized precision nutrition for patients with long term conditions (especially with dietary restrictions) to reduce recovery time and complications due to inadequate nutrition from the regular diet.

The personalized diet can be offered as insurance against higher costs of prolonged stay and complications.